Jan 17

Which type of workout REALLY works? Crossfit, The Gym, Personal Trainer, Beachbody or Running…

UntitledSo do these actually work to get you results?? And which one is the best….????

To be honest you can get results with any one of these. (And these are what I would recommend) however you will not get results JUST from doing them. Let me break each one down (sorry this may be a long post)

CROSSFIT: can you get results? Yes. With this program I do recommend you go somewhere you trust AND that is reputable. There is a high risk of injury if you do not go where someone really knows their stuff and trains you right. A lot of cross fitters that I know are into paleo (not all) which is great. I did paleo for awhile, well more primal than paleo. With crossfit most do not have someone going through meal plans and keeping you accountable daily. And cost for membership can be high in some areas.

PERSONAL TRAINER: can you get results? Yes! With a personal trainer most will give you a meal plan and train you a few days a week (or at least good ones will) but what about the other days? Do they check in daily? Do they make sure you are getting workouts in on your days off from trainings? A good personal trainer can also mean lots of $$$

THE GYM: can you get results? Yes! People love the gym! It’s social, it has all of the equipment, great music! Memberships can be costly. You are on your own 100% for a nutrition plan. And the good comes with the bad. Sometimes the gym can be too social and you have to wait for your machine.

BEACHBODY: can you get results? Yes! There are tons of programs to choose from (beginner to advanced) you receive a personal coach to help you with meal plans and you get 1 meal a day that is nutrient dense. When you get a Beachbody program your coach will put you in a challenge group online where there is daily accountability, support, motivation and friendship. Everyone works together (now this is the way I go. For me it is what got me results. I am a huge introvert homebody so the gym, crossfit, etc just don’t work for me. With this I get the accountability I need to continue my workouts and always better myself. We work on personal development which also increases self esteem and confidence! The meal plans alone have changed my families life!) it is a one time cost (plus money back guarantee) unless you decide to keep going.

RUNNING: can you get results? Yes! However most of the time you are on your own unless you belong to a runners group. You also need to figure out nutrition on your own and motivate yourself. It can get repetitive and you have to deal with the elements or go on a treadmill which can be boring. Cost $0 unless you need a treadmill.

These are all my own personal views and opinions. I am just saying any of it can work AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NUTRITION AND FITNESS together!!! To better your health you cannot just take a pill, or shake, or wrap and expect “healthy” changes. You have to have it all. Pick what works for you and go for it!!! Any of these can and will work as long as YOU do the work! Change your legacy and In turn inspire others! If Beachbody seems to fit your needs I would love to get you into one of my groups. Email me NOW (countryfit4@gmail.com) for more info and FINALLY get results and FEEL great!!

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