Feb 21

My journey to find WEIGHT LOSS PLANS THAT WORK – Beachbody 21 Day Fix

On my journey to find weight loss plans that work, Beachbody came out with this NEW program called the 21 Day Fix! With this program they have 30 min workouts that are killer (however they have an amazing modifier that truly modifies the moves) and a portion control container system. I have to say I am surprised with this program. I ALWAYS thought I was eating within my calorie limits (oh how wrong was I!) This has been such an eye opener for me! I know I am a snacker/grazer (my own titles for myself) haha! But HOLY COW! I see food and I see my hand moving towards it! Why!? Because it is what I would do! Now I stop and think, it isn’t time to eat, I’m really not even hungry! It is habit, boredom, craziness, call it what you will! I should NOT be doing it. This is where all of my extra calories come from. Now Dan on the other hand has been WAY under eating! He can’t believe how much he gets to eat throughout the day! …..Sure, rub it in! ;)  But it just goes to show if you don’t write it down, or are acutely aware of what you are eating and WHEN, you truly could be missing the mark!


With this program I get to eat 6 meals a day (however I do it in 5). I am just more programmed for the 5. Dan still does the 6. We both have our Shakeology first thing in the morning as our foundation of nutrition for the day. (What better way to start the day, right!?) After that the menu changes daily. I do however still get my coffee, BLACK, but I like it that way. Our meals are all well balanced and when you are done, you are not STUFFED, however you are satisfied. Normally I probably would continue to eat, now when I finished I realize I DO NOT need anymore and I don’t get hungry for another 2 – 3 hours!! Again, how much was I overeating!?!?!?

Needless to say I love it! I love the food, I love the structure, I love how SIMPLE it is!!! Crazy how good you feel when everything is in place! I will keep you all updated as I go through this journey :D Cheer me on!

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