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Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit

If you love the healthy results since you began your Ultimate Reset, why stop now? Keep your body in a healthy pH balance and help your digestion work at its peak level by continuing these two powerful supplements:BBUltMaintKit_long-launch_20130416

  • Alkalinize. A super-green mixture that helps maintain body alkalinity, bringing your body back to a healthy pH balance. Add Alkalinize to your Shakeology® for a nutritious post-Reset boost.*
  • Optimize. Our proprietary blend of systemic enzymes and added camu camu that promotes an optimal immune system and helps manage your body’s natural inflammatory response.

For maximum health, our blood should be slightly alkaline. An acidic pH (below 7.0) may lead to adverse reactions and a compromised immune and digestive system, making your body more vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, congestion, inflammation, and disease.

Our super green Alkalinize mixture includes wheatgrass, alfalfa, kamut, and barley to help neutralize excess acid, bring your body back to a healthy pH balance, and support your immune system. It comes in convenient daily single-serving packets.

Your colon does more than eliminate waste. It processes previously undigested material, and influences hydration, nutrient absorption, and immune system function. If your colon isn’t processing and eliminating waste properly, your digestive system can back up, causing you bloating and discomfort.

Our Optimize is an exclusive blend of organic sources designed to gently soothe and detoxify your colon—without forcing your body/bowels into a release.

It includes traditional herbs like Camu-Camu, chia seed, ginger root, and flax seed, along with natural spices like turmeric and garlic, to reduce gas, help your body manage normal inflammation, and stimulate immune function, while working with the other supplements to promote healthy digestive function and an optimal immune system.

Supplement Facts for Alkalinize
Supplement Facts for Optimize

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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