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Mar 02

Is Shakeology Safe to Drink While Pregnant and/or Breastfeeding?

Is Shakeology safe to drink while pregnant or breast feeding?? I get asked this all of the time!! First off I am not a doctor and I always recommend you speak with yours. I took it my entire pregnancy as my prenatal, I also drink it every day now and I breastfeed. For me I …

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Mar 12

The Healthiest Shamrock Shake Out There!

Healthy Shamrock Shake Ok, Ok, so it is March and you need (or THINK you need) a Shamrock Shake…. Trust me you DON’T!!! However I understand!! I loved them as a kid, and it was a treat to get one (until my sister threw it up!) That’s another story! Sorry, sis had to add you …

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Sep 09

My latest announcement!

So here is my announcement!!! I AM 12 WEEKS PREGNANT TODAY!!!! Eeeekkk!!!! I am so excited! I don’t know why 12 weeks is so exciting to me, but I find myself so unbelievably happy today for it! To give you a little history about my family here we go! I started dating my now husband …

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Jun 11

Shakeology Peanut Butter Cup Recipe

Shakeology Peanut Butter Cup Recipe Ok, who DOESN’T LOVE chocolate AND peanut butter?!? You’re crazy if you say YOU! Lol! Love love LOVE the combination. However NORMAL peanut butter cups aren’t the healthiest….. right???? Now be prepared to be amazed! These are awesome little replicas that taste pretty darn GOOD! Recipe This makes 6 but …

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Jun 04

PiYo Experience

My Personal PiYo Experience I did it guys!!! Last weekend (May 31) me and some fellow coaches/friends made a road trip to Chicago! None of us had ever gone through a certification class before so we were nervous and curious! We had SUCH a BLAST!!!! Susanna our Master Trainer did an AMAZING job! She made …

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Apr 03

Before and After (or maybe progress!)

Breathe…. Sorry for this LONG post…. Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone here. This is HUGE for me to post. I am not in many of our family photos (I am usually the one behind the camera) So I am posting my BEFORE picture and my cruise picture! My friend gave me the courage …

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Mar 09

21 Day Fix – P90X3 – My Review

As I get ready for our Beachbody  cruise I thought I would do P90X3 starting in January! I cannot TELL you how much I love this program. Well then Beachbody released 21 Day Fix! What is a girl to do!? So I combined them! I still am doing the P90X3 workouts (mainly because I was …

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Feb 21

My journey to find WEIGHT LOSS PLANS THAT WORK – Beachbody 21 Day Fix

On my journey to find weight loss plans that work, Beachbody came out with this NEW program called the 21 Day Fix! With this program they have 30 min workouts that are killer (however they have an amazing modifier that truly modifies the moves) and a portion control container system. I have to say I …

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