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Becoming BETTER

Becoming BETTER! That is how I look at every day with this company. Not only do they focus on biohacking into ourselves and creating the best optimized version of ourselves but they truly care about us as people. They want us to do BETTER in every aspect!

So for this I became an Independent Pruver with the company Pruvit!

When I went to our Christmas party in 2017, I saw first hand. My mom and my kids came with me. They welcomed them, they received gifts even though they are not part of the “team”

Coming from Beachbody and feeling like just a number, this truly meant the world to me. I was always told my other company was like a family, even my upper team, but I still felt like a number and if I couldn’t produce top numbers, well that meant I didn’t matter. No one worked with me, no one tried to help. you were on your own.

Coming into this company at the end of October, earning more than I had ALL YEAR as a Coach in just 2 months and EARNING a LUXURY CAR with Pruvit I was completely blown away! I had been told I would never be successful. Well having these “things” does not make ME feel successful but seeing my TEAM get these things does! To see them pay for their Christmas’s and not stress about money was HUGE for me!

My passion is fired up again. My desire to do BETTER and be BETTER is alive and burning!

If you want to learn more about the company check this out: The Company Pruvit

If you want to set up a chat email me at

I am so glad I took that leap of faith. However scary it was leaving my comfort zone, it was all worth it!

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