Jun 04

PiYo Experience

My Personal PiYo Experience


I did it guys!!! Last weekend (May 31) me and some fellow coaches/friends made a road trip to Chicago! None of us had ever gone through a certification class before so we were nervous and curious!

We had SUCH a BLAST!!!! Susanna our Master Trainer did an AMAZING job! She made us feel at ease. When we first got there we found out it was a SOLD OUT course! 40 people were getting certified! CRAZY!! So we went around the room and heard everyone’s stories. Truly some remarkable people in the room, from cancer survivors, to gym teachers wanting better formats for their students, personal trainers, Beachbody coaches, etc.

After we got to know everyone we went in the BIG room (gorgeous by the way) to start in on our training. We started going through some of the moves and finished out with running through an entire workout! LOVED IT!!! And my booty is STILL feeling it 5 days later! Everything flows with the music. It was great!

Here come my hesitation/reservations/whatever you want to call it! I started thinking HOW am I going to TEACH this!! It goes by 32 counts!! She started teaching us how to listen to the music for cues (I am NOT a dancer, I have played music but am not “great” by ANY means!) So this concept is new to me. She assured us (for the ones who were lost) that it will come, and we

w10388127_563623720420794_3909442159621291511_nill learn automatically when to flow into the next move. Awesome! THEN We had to teach in our groups! AHHH! Me who has NEVER taught or who HATES being center of attention. But I did it with minimal mess ups. WooHoo, shot of confidence, thanks! For the peeps who ACTUALLY got on stage with the microphone, HATS OFF TO YOU! ;) I will practice in my basement until I feel confident and work on my family for my guinea pigs as I train! Next step….. Fitness Studio!! My goal is August to start teaching. And I am excited and nervous still, but that is what will drive me to do it!

For all of you who are waiting on the release of this amazing program! you will LOVE it!! Little to know impact,10440758_563623783754121_5975331810055322113_n fast flowing movements, Not a lot of static yoga holds (for those who get bored with that). You WILL gain, strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and confidence. This program WILL redefine your body like never before. I cannot WAIT till JUNE 23 when it will be released. And you can BET I will be holding some TEST groups for this amazing program!! BRING IT ON!!!

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