Jan 06

P90X3 Workouts and Worksheets

WOW! Today was MY day 1 of the new P90X3 program. I am going to write about my journey and share the worksheets with you in this post. For starters this 30 minute workouts when by FAST! I have to admit I don’t LOVE to workout (I know I know) but I do Love Tony Horton! Some people may not like his goofiness but I love it! I love to laugh and if I laugh during a workout then I am happy! Day 1 of the CLASSIC schedule was Total Synergistics. It was hard and made me realize 2 things: 1) I need HELP with my chin ups/pull ups! 2) My balance needs some improvement. But overall this was  a great workout and I can already tell I will be sore tomorrow (it’s ok though, I secretly LIKE the burn)! The ladies in my group are loving this too! We have some doing the lean schedule but most are doing the classic schedule. If you need to print the worksheets, here they are ===> P90X3_Worksheets


Here is a little picture of my and my friend Tony Horton AFTER the workout! 29549_10202960032630256_649282244_nCrazy how good of a workout you can get in ONLY 30 minutes!! I can’t wait to see how much I can improve in these 90 days. Going to be strict on my nutrition and workouts. I want to look good on my Beachbody Cruise in March! ;)

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