Apr 03

Before and After (or maybe progress!)

Breathe…. Before and afterSorry for this LONG post…. Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone here. This is HUGE for me to post. I am not in many of our family photos (I am usually the one behind the camera) So I am posting my BEFORE picture and my cruise picture! My friend gave me the courage to post it. As women we are SO insecure about ourselves, how people will see us, all of our imperfections, every little thing WE see but others don’t! It is hard for us to be so OPEN! So here I am! I have cellulite, stretch marks, and a mom belly, BUT I am also in a VERY positive place. I have all of these imperfections because of a choice I made, and one that I would NEVER change!

 I started this journey 2 years ago. I was so unhappy with how I let myself go after having a kid (mind you I did NOTHING about it) Finally I had enough, it was time to take back my life. I started P90X and that is what started it for me. I had FINALLY found something that kept me interested and got results. AND WAS HEALTHY!!! No chemicals went into my body, no quick fixes to give me the illusion of change. It was nutrition and exercise, plain and simple. I have done A LOT of Beachbody products now, and each one has kept me going. I love the fact that each day is different. You are constantly keeping your body guessing which keeps my mind from being bored! I am not a fitness junkie so I need to be stimulates (one reason I love Mr Tony Horton, he’s hilarious!) Love to laugh while I’m working out!

Now I am running my own fitness company with my amazing friends. (friends like the one who told me this picture was gorgeous) I am traveling, meeting new people, helping others push past their insecurities! It is hard for me to see but I do see a more confident me. I see a happier, stronger, more in control me. I am making changes in my life (physically, financially and mentally) that is making me the BEST me! I thank Beachbody and all of my family and friends who have helped and supported me in my journey. I am not stopping now, I am just getting started!

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