Mar 12

The Healthiest Shamrock Shake Out There!

Healthy Shamrock Shake

Ok, Ok, so it is March and you need (or THINK you need) a Shamrock Shake….


Trust me you DON’T!!!

However I understand!! I loved them as a kid, and it was a treat to get one

(until my sister threw it up!) That’s another story! Sorry, sis had to add you into

this blog too ;) It is a once a year SPECIAL, amazing, yummy, treat! Right?!?! WRONG! Read here what is IN IT (from the Huffington Post: What is in a Shamrock Shake?

Gross, right!?!

Well, Gianna keeps asking us for one because of all of the commercials, hype and kids talking about it. So today I asked her if I could MAKE her one! And she said YES!!! YAY!!! I told her to go have a seat in the living room so I could make it (and didn’t have her over my shoulder saying eww!!) Here is how I mad it for her (100% all natural, and 100% healthy!)

My version of a HEALTHY Shamrock Shake

(for kids 1/2 this recipe)


1 Scoop Vanilla Shakeology

1 tsp all natural Peanut Butter

1/4 tsp natural peppermint extract

3/4 – 1 cup of spinach

1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

3 – 5 ice cubes


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