Nov 24

Christmas Family Fitness Challenge!

Christmas Fitness Family Challenge!

Family is THE most important thing to me. A lot of times we get busy and don’t take time to get that QUALITY time that is so important for your kids AND yourself! They look to you for guidance, support, what to do and not to do, etc. So here it is, my Christmas Family Fitness Challenge! The main focus is to take SOME time out of your day this month and spend it together. Some of these challenges are quick others take a little time. HAVE FUN!!! When I say CONTEST, I don’t mean bury your kids with your awesome reps! I mean to support each other, push each other to get 1 more, CHEER for each other! To join a FREE Challenge GROUP¬†CONTACT me.¬† Here we go:Christmas Calendar w notation


If you would like to join an interactive challenge group that is completely private let me know! I will be setting up a PRIVATE facebook page so we can cheer each other on and help answer any questions. I will post DAILY what each day entails (how to do a move, recipe, ideas, etc) you can post pics of your family doing the activities or just share stories. Space is limited.

Day 1: Do Jumping Jacks to a Christmas Song

Day 2: Tree Pose Contest (Yoga move)

Day 3: Make Frozen Banana Pops!

Day 4: Dance to your favorite Christmas Songs, let the kiddos pick out the songs

Day 5: Make a Healthy Dinner Together – Lots of healthy recipes here once you sign up for a free account (and a lot of other fitness tips etc!) ===> CLICK HERE

Day 6: Sit up Contest

Day 7: Rest Day – Watch a Christmas Movie (or 2)!

Day 8: Plank Contest

Day 9: Play a game of Balloon Volleyball

Day 10: Make Banana Ice Cream!

Day 11: Push up Contest

Day 12: Make Healthy Cocoa – enjoy a good talk with your kiddos!

Day 13: Take turns doing squats

Day 14: Rest Day – Go for a drive looking at Christmas Lights

Day 15: Burpee Contest

Day 16: Stretch Together

Day 17: Make a Green (Grinch) Smoothie

Day 18: Tricep Dip Contest

Day 19: Make a Grinchy Meal together!

Day 20: Lunge walk through the house

Day 21: Rest Day – Read Christmas Stories – Maybe even the REAL Christmas Story Luke 2: 1-20

Day 22: Pick 2 exercise, alternate (or have your kids come up with an exercise, let them be creative!)

Day 23: Snowball fight OR Improvise!

Day 24: Make a Healthy Santa Snack

Day 25: Push up after every gift!

Day 26: Make a healthy breakfast together

Day 27: Crank the Music and DANCE!

Day 28: Rest Day – Get down and play with your kids. Get down on their level if they are little, be goofy, be weird, be a GREAT parent!

Day 29: 5 Jumping Jacks, 5 burpees – alternate

Day 30: Dip Contest – Do chair dips or seated dips

Day 31: Ask your kids what THEY enjoyed the most. PLEASE let me know! I would love to hear back from you and see what your kids thought. Email me at or post on my page

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