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I am trying to think of how to write this “about me” article. I don’t have a rags to riches story or a 100 lbs weight loss story. What I am is a wife, a mother, a completely average woman who had SUCCESS with Beachbody products and decided to pay it forward. I am very passionate about my family, my happiness, my business and helping others. One of the best feelings in the world is for someone to thank you for helping them through something. I try to do this with EVERY ONE of my challengers and coaches.

Here is my background story with Beachbody: I was never an athletic kid or really cared to be. I was always told I was “big boned”. I tried a lot of crash diets, pills, skipping   meals and so on as a teenager.


Nothing lasted and it WAS NOT healthy. So fast forward through life. I had tried a few different programs trying to tone up or to lose weight. I just never found anything that really kept me interested or focused. I had a baby and it took YEARS to get the weight off. But I had never REALLY tried either. So one day I decided THIS IS IT!!! My husband was going to go away for training for a MONTH! I thought, while he is gone I am going to focus on eating better and exercising EVERY day! And, I did it! I started with P90X and I loved it!
It was fun with different workouts every day, it helped me stay interested and focused. I lost weight and saw muscles!!!! I
decided to try Insanity next (I absolutely HATE cardio!) I was terrified before starting it. I had proven to myself with P90X that I could do it so I wanted to challenge myself!


Every 2 weeks you have a fit test with Insanity, and EVERY 2 weeks my numbers went UP! I was PUMPED!! It gave me brand new motivation every time I did it. At the end of the program I was in better shape than I ever had been. I didn’t want to stop. I decided to become a Beachbody Coach and share my experiences. I was already telling everyone what I was doing and giving advice anyway, so why not!? I was then introduced to Shakeology. It seriously changed my eating habits. I became more aware of what I was eating AND it helped me get over a plateau that I had hit after Insanity. It helped my husband with his cholesterol and I had SEVERE dry eyes that I swear Shakeology helped (I was on $30 a month medicine that they told me I would be on for the rest of my life. I haven’t taken it in almost a year! Talk about SAVING money with Shakeology!!) Everything we put in our bodies affects every part of us. If we aren’t putting the correct nutrition in us, how do we expect to function correctly?
I love everything about Beachbody. I love that they want to help people first and foremost. They help us as coaches
with trainings and amazing products and they help you as their customers by giving you products that are ALL NATURAL, HEALTHY, and Programs that ACTUALLY WORK! Their slogan is End the Trend to Obesity, DECIDE-COMMITT-SUCCEED. Ask me how to get started! I would be honored to help you reach your fitness, health or financial needs! This is why I am an Independent Beachbody Coach.

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