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Free 5 day Challenge

541820_434977643259345_756312532_nGuidelines for the 5 Day Challenge

Here are the requirements for this TEST GROUP!

This is one of my FAVORITE groups to run! You get to really hone in on your nutrition with the help of me YOUR COACH and get support and have fun with the members of the group! I would love feedback throughout or after you go through this. I want to create this for people who struggle with good nutrition and need the help. We have done a lot of the work but again I know it is not perfect!

So, in this group I require the following (and if you cannot commit, maybe you can do a different one at a different time):

~POST daily in the group (either organically or post after my DAILY post, yes I do daily posts for motivation, converstation, tips etc)
~FOLLOW the meal plan (I provide a menu, and grocery list + workouts. This takes all of the guess work OUT! No excuses!)
~Be positive and uplifting
~Post on your own timeline that you are doing this and are excited (you insert your why, this helps with your accountability!)
~At the end or the program you will need to fill out a form that I will send to you

Does this sound like you could handle it? Are you game? I am so excited to share this with you and I hope it is everything you are looking for. Nutrition has always been a struggle for me and so far this has helped me tremendously! Can’t wait to get started!!


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