Mar 09

21 Day Fix – P90X3 – My Review

As I get ready for our Beachbody  cruise I thought I would do P90X3 starting in January! I cannot TELL you how much I love this program. Well then Beachbody released 21 Day Fix! What is a girl to do!? So I combined them! I still am doing the P90X3 workouts (mainly because I was in the middle and didn’t want to stop) and I incorporated the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan!!! Results….. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Simply put! I feel leaner, stronger and Cruise ready!  Now I have dabbled in the 21 Day Fix workouts, and I LOVED them! Especially the Dirty 30! <3

p90x-chin-up-max-pull-up-assist-band_2752_500Here is my review on P90X3 (What I loved and what I didn’t)  My absolute FAVORITE discs were MMX, Eccentric Upper, Eccentric Lower, Synergistics, Yoga and Pilates. I liked all of the others but these were my FAV! I did end up getting the pull up assist to help me with my pull ups and chin ups and it was a life saver! (I need to work on my upper body strength) Improving all of the time though! Also Energy and Endurance (E&E) helped me get through all of my early morning workouts! ;) Those can be brutal at times but that always helped me power through! Yoga and the new Pilates were wonderful to help you stretch out, work on your balance and helped to STRENGTHEN ALL of your muscles. I love it when you have those slow movements and you can feel your muscles quiver trying to hold on just a little more.  There is a modifier with this program as well. So this can be done at all different levels. I say go for it. This program is in my TOP 3 picks!

Now onto the 21 Day Fix, I can’t give a complete review at this point since I have not been doing


the workouts. HOWEVER between this program and  The Ultimate Reset I have learned a world of knowledge on my nutrition. Not only what I eat, but how and WHY! I am a perpetual snacker! If I do not open my eyes and pay attention I will just grab whatever is around. Even if I am not hungry!  You can over eat on healthy food just as easy as you can over eat on non healthy food. I LOVED the structure with this program. I need that. If I am told what and when I can eat, I am usually good. When I am left to my own, I FAIL! That is where one of my favorite quotes comes into play “If you FAIL to PLAN you PLAN to FAIL!” I agree 100% with this. ANYONE can do this program! And I mean ANYONE! This helps with portion control and the workouts again can be modified or intensified. Again this program is in my top 3! (In case you are wondering it goes 1. Ultimate Reset 2. P90X3 3. 21 Day Fix. :)

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